Farming Simulator Mod APK List

Farming Simulator Mods

Farming Simulator is an exciting game published and developed by Giant Software. The player needs to play the character of the farmer and construct his farm. In the farming simulator, there are significant types of farming operations focusing on agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry. Now there is the addition of cycles of the season. Players feel relaxed by playing this game. The game takes us to the countryside, where the river flows beside the farm, endless fields, and Mountains. Many people desire this life. No pressure, no more stress, no more worries about making finance. Players can also enjoy the life of a true farmer.

It is the most famous farm game series in the market. This game also achieved a variety of fulfillment in different platforms consisting of laptops, consoles, and Nintendo Switch. The farming simulator has a real-world simulation in a realistic world and is inspired by fields in the United States, giving the participant hand on experience as a farmer. Players can also enjoy driving trucks and sightseeing. The game take care of every detail of objects such as warehouses, trees as well as fields. The land was inherited from his family, and he expanded his farm, turning it into the largest farm. Players can work like an actual farmer cultivating, planting, tending trees selling agricultural products for profits. If the soil isn’t fertile, you may renovate the ground. Next, you could so seed to grow rice, corn, or any other vegetation. The higher the level, the more new vegetation is unlocked.

What are Mods in Farming Simulator?

Mods can remove the feature or change how the app works. It can also add features to the app. In a few apps, you could purchase a tractor and system, and the rate of all objects in the shop is $0. Enjoy the game. From trusted sources, it is essential to download Mods. Some of the Mod files are screened rigorously for viruses.

How to install mods in Farming Simulator

Your downloaded MOD file will be one of these three types:

EXE: This type you can install the simple way. As soon it is downloaded is completed, click two times on the file, and when it loads, then installation will begin automatically.

RAR: It has more than one file, so compressing allows you to download faster. When you complete the download, extract your RAR file. Inside, you will find some files, drag them to your data folder.

ZIP: Just copy the MOD file into the farming simulator MOD folder.


  1. First, find the Zip files that you’ve downloaded. (Usually, you’ll have them in your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder.)
  2. Copy or cut the downloaded file.
  3. Find your mods folder. Normally, it’s located here: C:\Users[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator\mods
  4. Open the Mods folder and simply paste the copied file.

Most Useful Farming Simulator Mods

  • Seasons
  • Course Play
  • GPS
  • Follow Me
  • Place Objects Anywhere
  • Placeable Tree Pack
  • Lifting Heavy Things
  • Enhanced Vehicle
  • Animal Worker
  • Additional Field Info
  • Animals HUD
  • Big US Cowshed
  • Animal Worker
  • Horse Helpers
  • Wool Storage
  • Egg Storage Hut
  • Greenhouse Pack
  • Root Crop Storage
  • Dash Time
  • Multi Filling Station
  • Additional Field Info
  • John Deere 9RX Series US & EU
  • Ken worth T880 Truck Mod
  • Triple Wide T4
  • Enhanced Vehicle
  • Less Engine Brake force
  • Lifting Heavy Things


Farming Simulator has many benefits. It increases your knowledge about farming and makes you think differently from other farmers. Every child should be encouraged to play this game to understand the importance and benefits of food and how they are grown. It is a real game and smooth gameplay.